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Installing the Metaframe Presentation Server Client Software
to Access the Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop (VDT)

The first time you access the virtual desktop from your home computer, you will likely see the symbol in the Message Center. Be sure to read the message any time you see this symbol.

This time, the message indicates you do not have the needed "Metaframe Presentation Server Client" installed on your computer.

Before you click on the link to install the client, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements:

  • It must have a connection to the Internet
  • It must have the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser
    • with 128-bit encryption (see note below)
    • Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab - the setting for "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" must NOT be checked.
  • It must have up-to-date antivirus software running on it
  • It should have an anti-spyware program running on it

Note: The Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop works with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla, and Firefox browsers. However, Internet Explorer is the only one that the 8-HELP Call Center supports.

Internet Explorer must have 128 bit encryption. All versions of IE released in the last several years have this, but to be sure yours does, open IE, click “Help”, then choose “About Internet Explorer” and see the cipher strength value.

If the cipher strength is not 128, you will need to upgrade Internet Explorer– it can be done remotely through Microsoft’s Windows Update site:


Note: the upgrade will take many hours if you don’t have DSL or cable modem.

The Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server Setup

Close any open programs, click Next

You may or may not see this window - it depends on how your computer is set up. If you do see it, click Run.

If you see this window, you'll probably see the next one as well.

Click Run if you see this "publisher could not be verified" warning.
Be sure No is selected on the "Use local name and password" screen, then click Next.
You will see the installation progress bar...the amount of time it takes to install depends on how fast your network connection is.

When installation is finished, you'll see this screen. Click Finish 

Close all Internet Explorer Windows, then open a new IE window to go to Emory Healthcare Virtual Desktop

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